​Welcome to K9 Cuts and Care

Your Professional Dog Groomer based in Chesham

My aim is to treat your dog as I do my own.   I will pamper your dog in a calm, friendly garden environment. Holistic dog grooming is about taking into consideration your dog’s every need. I offer a full grooming service using natural products. A full groom includes nails clipped, ears cleaned and plucked if necessary. Dogs are dried with hand driers.  Styled to your specification and given an after spray with one of our fine fragrances.

  • I do not use cages or cage dryers
  • I can offer a local pick up & drop off service
  • I never rush and give your dog regular breaks from the groom
  • I have a purpose built groom room with fenced garden
  • Nervous dog? – Don’t worry I understand that visits to the groomers can be stressful for some dogs and I do all I can to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

A health check is carried out as a matter of procedure. My aim is to spot the most common ailments and problems that occur in dogs, the areas covered in the check are the Eyes, Ears, Nose, Skin, Teeth and Gums, Coat, Nails, Movement, Lumps, Bottom.

If I come across any abnormalities or issues then I will inform you of this when you collect your dog and give you advice on what to do next.

This is me

I am Hope, owner of K9 Cuts and Care.  I started the business as I have a genuine love of all dogs and passionately believe that regular grooming doesn’t just keep them looking pretty, it keeps them healthy and happy too.  Here are five benefits of professional dog grooming:

  1. Grooming maintains a healthy coat and skin
  2. Regular nail trims not only help keep the nails short but helps reinforce healthy foot structure and posture, and reduces the risk of infection
  3. Your pet will look and smell great
  4. Regular visits may result in early detection of issues with ears, skin, teeth and more
  5. Shiny, healthy and properly brushed coats will shed less

My main goal is to offer your dog a safe, stress-free experience. I am very attentive to each individual dog’s needs and allow frequent rest breaks if the dog requires it in my safe, secure garden environment.

I studied Animal Management at Berkshire College of Agriculture and obtained my City and Guilds Grooming qualification from Groom Arts in St. Albans, the most successful, accredited training centre in the UK.  I am currently studying for a dog behavioural and first aid qualification.

I have 2 lively Sprockers of my own who are friendly and playful and usually on site to welcome all visitors.

So whether your pooch requires a full groom, a wash and brush up or just its claws clipped, I’d be happy to do it for you.  Be assured that I will perform any of these services to the highest standard and I will always have your dog’s best interests in mind.

Services & Prices

Full Groom

  • Small dogs:  £30
  • Medium dogs:  £40
  • Large dogs:  £50
  • X-large dogs:  £60

This includes:

  • A Health Check – a check of the skin for any medical conditions – including the presence of parasites – eyes, ears, nails, paws, teeth, and the condition of the coat.
  • Preparation for Bathing and Grooming – brush out coat to remove dead undercoat, knots and tangles and remove longer ear hair.
  • Bathing – using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner for the coat and skin. NB. If your dog requires a shampoo prescribed by your vet please ensure you bring this with you.
  • Drying – using techniques appropriate to the length of coat and type.
  • Styling – Clipping and/or Scissoring all over the body to achieve the preferred style.
  • Hand Stripping – available at an additional cost (from £15 on top of the full groom price)
  • Claw Clipping – included
  • Anal Glands – included upon request

Thorough Wash and Brush Up (no use of clippers or scissors):

  • Small dogs:  £15
  • Medium dogs:  £20
  • Large dogs:  £25
  • X-large dogs:  £30

This includes:
Everything in a Full Groom except the Styling.

Quick Wash and Brush Up:

  • Small dogs:  £10
  • Medium dogs:  £15
  • Large dogs:  £20
  • X-large dogs:  £25

This includes:

Everything in the Full Groom except the Styling, Claw Clipping and Anal Glands

NB – Grooming fees can vary according to the behaviour, size, coat type and condition of the dog e.g. see ‘De-matting’ overleaf.

Other Services

Collection and Delivery Service (available within 5 miles of Chesham):  £5 each way

Claw Clipping Only:  £7.50

Anal Glands Only:  £10

Hand Stripping:  from £15. This is in addition to the full groom cost.  The price will be confirmed during pre-appointment consultation.

De-matting: from £10. This is in addition to the grooming cost. The time will be limited depending on the tolerance of the dog.  The welfare of the dog during this process is our priority and we can offer kinder alternative solutions to ensure that with regular grooming, your dog looks its best.

We offer a FREE PUPPY WASH for pups less than 6 months old.   This is a perfect way to get them accustomed to being groomed from a young age (dependent on breed).

Day Care:  We can provide an all-day crèche service including an optional walk.
£25 for a full day’s dog-sitting (including a 1-hour walk)
£20 for a full day’s dog sitting (without walk)
£5 per hour

A Full Day = 8.30am – 6.00pm

Dog Walking: £12 per hour. Discount available for multiple dogs in the same household.

We exclusively use Wildwash Natural Skin and Coat Care for Pets


Wildwash Products are made by hand using selected human grade ingredients to enhance the function of each product.

The base for the shampoos is made from soybean oil with all its conditioning and anti-irritant benefits.  To this Neem Extract is added. Neem can help fight dandruff and calm skin problems, leaving a clean, shiny, lush coat, whilst being an efficient natural deterrent against fleas, mites, ticks and mange.

Sea Kelp is also used as it is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables on the planet and provides a huge array of vitamins and minerals. It contains the complete complex of B vitamins essential to promote health and encourage cell growth and division, which is important to new hair growth.  It also contains Magnesium and Iodine and introduces Zinc directly to the hair follicle where proteins are made, to ensure the on-going formation of new hair.

The final ingredient in the base shampoo is Aloe Vera, as it helps to nourish the skin and promote cell regeneration whilst softening, healing and repairing. It has anti-irritating and antiseptic qualities and soothes and calms any distressed skin.

Once the base shampoo is made, the distinctive actives are added to each shampoo to allow it to do its job to the fullest.

For instance, the shampoo for Itchy or Dry Coats includes Lavender with its antiseptic and antifungal properties to calm and protect and speed up healing of scratched or damaged skin; Manuka Leaf to heal and promote natural cell renewal; Ylang Ylang to balance and soothe; Rose Geranium to regulate and stabilise; Patchouli to regenerate and Benzoin to boost elasticity and calm redness and itchiness.  All this plus a heavenly fragrance!

The Wildwash shampoo we use on your pet is chosen by us to suit the dog ideally to look great and provide healthy coat and skin.


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